Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dark Side of Pop Compilation featuring Port Royal, Sleep Party People, Saskatchewan, Electric Fitness and The Swerve

We here at Musica Phenomena have been on a short hiatus for the holidays but we're back and have a plethora of amazing music and music related reviews, articles and podcasts to bring you in 2012, so stay tuned.

We're going to start the year off right by bringing you a free download of an absolutely amazing new indie electronic compilation called "Dark Side of Pop" which features some "A" lister up and coming indie electronic artists from around the world that you absolutely have to hear. This excellent compilation is the work of a small label out of Poland called Cowshed records and judging from this release this is a label worth watching. The first 200 people can download this release for FREE with the link below, after that the compilation becomes 1 euro or about $1.32 US. Still an amazing deal for this 18 song album. We'll be posting a full review of the compilation coming soon but we felt we needed to get this link to you right away. Enjoy!

- M Pereira

Dark Side of Pop - Free Download

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