Friday, March 23, 2012

4 Free Live EPs by Dead Can Dance

We at Musica Phenomena have been long time Dead Can Dance (DCD) fans, after all they are one of the original 4AD bands and considered part of a group of artists recognized as being around during the "classic era" of 4AD. Some argue about when that era actually ended but most agree sometime between 1990-95 depending on who you talk to. If you don't know what 4AD is I encourage you to read about their rich history here 4AD a brief history on Wikipedia. I could go into more detail about 4AD but why when I'm here to talk about DCD who are Brenden Perry and Lisa Gerrard.

Even those who don't know DCD have probably heard Lisa's haunting vocals in such film soundtracks as Gladiator, or perhaps even seen her act in the lesser known 1989 Spanish film "El Nino de la Luna" in which she appears completely nude and looking extremely hot might I add! Brendan we love you too but thanks for not appearing nude in any films during your career.

Their reunion which was originally announced last year on Brenden Perry's website has not been updated much since the announcement but what has changed is the addition of a list of confirmed international shows and their perspective ticket sale dates on their official website Dead Can Dance Official Website. As for the new album... well, we've read that it will be released sometime between mid and late 2012, and as far as we know there has been no title yet given to this forthcoming release. However if any of you out there have any more information as to what is going on with the duo's reunion, tour or upcoming album please leave a post in the comments on our blog, or drop us a note directly if you're shy and we'll post it for you. ;)

- M. Pereira

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